12 Jan 19

Our selection of wines of the moment, Cave du Ranch des Lacs

Discover OUR SELECTION of wines * of the moment at the cellar price from the Caveau du Ranch des Lacs .
Meursault - Côte-Rôtie - Châteauneuf du Pape ......

* attention alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume with moderation.
09 Jan 19

Valentine's Day Menu 2019, have a good time in February.

Around the Valentine's Day Menu , from February 14 to February 17, 2019, lunch and dinner.
we celebrate Beautiful Encounters , Lovers , Friendships , Good Moments , the Meaning of Life .
42 € per person
Our Menu includes:
  • L'Aperitif: Henriot Blanc de Blancs Champagne Cup or Domaine Pautier's Emoustillant Cup (no alcohol)
  • The Mouths of the Moment
  • Starter: Scallop carpaccio with pistachios
  • Dish: Duck wafers from Beauregard Farm, Pineau des Charentes Domaine Pautier sauce with roasted root vegetables
  • The Limousin cheese trolley of our local producers, 3 cheeses to choose from
  • Dessert: Shortbread with gourmet flavors homemade
Our menu does not include:
  • The wine that will accompany your meal, you will choose it inthe Ranch des Lacs wine cellar, at the cellar price.
  • coffee, new! Exceptional Coffees to discover!
  • Infusions, a vast choice
  • The still or sparkling waters, Nordaq Fresh waters, tasting waters
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23 Dec 18

There is still time, OFFER a Gift Certificate

You want to please your loved ones, family, friends, ....
You want your Gift to be unique and personalized.

You want to support a local economy,

Offer a Le Ranch des Lacs Gift Certificate ,
it is valid for 12 months,
it will be deducted from the overall score of the recipient (s).
18 Dec 18

Annual leave from 23/12 to 13/02

Dear customers, holidays are here. We thank you for this wonderful year spent together, only good times, nice memories. THANK YOU.

During these holidays:
  • we will refine this new website , to make you pretty proposals from the start of the season.
  • do all the small maintenance work , the closed establishment is easier
  • we will rest , so be on top this year 2019
  • we will go looking for new products to continue to surprise you in 2019
In the meantime we wish you
All our best wishes for 2019
Health happiness

26 Nov 18

The Christmas Muscat 2018 has arrived

Hurry up, there's still ...
Christmas Muscat . Muscat de Rivesaltes * pure delicacy!
To drink as an aperitif, to accompany the foie gras.
Treat yourself or offer a Christmas Muscat 50 cl of the Cellars of the Abbé Rous Vin du Roussillon
€ 8.50 per bottle, starting price of the Cave des Ranch Ranch

* Attention alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health to consume in moderation