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girolles de juillet , cadeau de la nature limousine au Ranch des Lacs

girolles de juillet , cadeau de la nature limousine au Ranch des Lacs

02 Jul 24

Welcome July 2024

Welcome July, Limousin nature offers us chanterelles.

This will make a short-lived garnish that will delight our present customers.

Our table proposals for July 2024 https://www.le-ranch-des-lacs.fr/presentation/menu-et-carte-du-moment.html

Established since 1995, we are delighted to welcome you and to see you again!

A stay with us at Ranch des Lacs, choose your cocoon room.


See you soon !

Françoise and Jules

Une autre vie s'invente ici - Réservez au Ranch des Lacs

Une autre vie s'invente ici - Réservez au Ranch des Lacs

26 Jun 24

Want a terrace, a green setting, another life is being invented here!

A gourmet getaway to the Ranch des Lacs

Reservations 48 hours in advance

Choose your room , https://www.le-ranch-des-lacs.fr/chambres.html

As it is important for us to welcome you as well as possible and we are in a sustainable and responsible tourism approach.

Choose what you want to eat when booking. To do this, consult the current menu and carte, https://www.le-ranch-des-lacs.fr/presentation/menu-et-carte-du-moment.html

The outdoor swimming pool heated by the sun's rays is open from July 1 to August 31.

Looking forward to cocooning you, discretion and calm.

Françoise and Jules

Bonne Fête Papa au Ranch des Lacs

Bonne Fête Papa au Ranch des Lacs

31 May 24

Father's Day June 16

A nice, loving Dad... June 16th is his Day!

Want to please him, give him a Le Ranch des Lacs gift card.

A nice choice of different styles of gift cards: stay, meal, tasting, breakfast/brunch,.... and if there was not your choice, we can personalize it, to measure!

He can use it whenever he wants with whoever he wants, as a couple, with his family, with his children, etc.

Discover all our gift cards https://www.le-ranch-des-lacs.fr/gifts.html

Un endroit magique et convivial, le Ranch des Lacs Lieu de Vie

Un endroit magique et convivial, le Ranch des Lacs Lieu de Vie

30 May 24

"Un en droit magique et convivial.

Des restaurateurs à l'écoute et des produits de qualité, où nos papilles sont en éveil en permanence.

Merci pour le cadre et les plats proposés.

Ne changez rien, nous reviendrons."

Avis de F. Guy du 26 mai 2024

Merci Guy ! au plaisir de vous recevoir pour une autre belle occasion.

Crédit photo Lummi Mariana Pedroza

Carte Cadeau pour la Fête des Mères

Carte Cadeau pour la Fête des Mères

02 May 24

May, Mother’s Day month

The month of May, the month of Moms.

Happy Mother's Day , special offer for Extraordinary Mom

And if you offer her a gentle Getaway to the Ranch des Lacs , a Gift Card , your Mom can choose the moment to use it. She comes with the person of her choice.

We promise we will take care of your Mom as best we can!

We will give him a good time of life .

Discover our Gift Cards , "" Unforgettable and authentic gift""

Need information, call us Tel 05 55 69 15 66

Françoise and Jules, a place to live at Ranch des Lacs

Muguet, jolies clochettes annonçant bonheur, senteur, renouveau

Muguet, jolies clochettes annonçant bonheur, senteur, renouveau

01 May 24

May 1st, Labor Day, symbol of Happiness, Spring, Renewal, Happy Birthday

May 1st, a new month, the 5th of the year. Nice month of May.

Labor Day, an art of living - the pleasure of receiving and welcoming.

Lily of the Valley is a sign of Happiness, freshness, renewal, spring, scent

We are very happy to be there to help you experience life in this special little world that is Le Ranch des Lacs .

- Awaken the Senses.

- A place to live, where to settle down .

See you soon for a Gourmet Getaway , we take care of everything!

Contact us ! Get away from today's whirlwind Life!

Françoise and Jules

tel: 05 55 69 15 66


Bienvenue au mois de Mai, ouvert le 1ermai

Bienvenue au mois de Mai, ouvert le 1ermai

18 Apr 24

Opened May 1, 2024

To welcome the month of MAY , We are open for lunch

May 1st 12 p.m.-2 p.m. 7:30 p.m.-9 p.m.

May 4 12 p.m.-2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.-9 p.m.

May 5 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

ALWAYS on reservations with CHOICE when booking what you want to eat.

Link to Menu and current menu sustainable and responsible approach.

For these 3 days, we take reservations until April 26, 2024. tel: 05 55 69 15 66

On May 8,9,10,11,12 we are complete with a Tribe stay which privatizes the Ranch des Lacs.

See you soon,

Françoise and Jules

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Faire un Break en Limousin

Faire un Break en Limousin

12 Apr 24

Enjoy our beautiful Nature in Limousin, stays of 2 nights minimum.

2 nights is the minimum time to settle down, take a break, a trip for two, experience a break and discover the Ranch des Lacs at Françoise and Jules , a place of life in the heart of Limousin. A region full of surprises.

Small Charming Hotel with 5 rooms, cocooning, confidentiality, another life is invented here. A cellar where you can choose your wine, a gourmet table and an exceptional breakfast!

Discover the rooms to make your choice and add the options that really please you.

1 night possible only by direct booking special offers

the Business 1 person, VRP 1 night offer

the offer Just for two, gourmet getaway 1 night

See you soon, we will be delighted to welcome you

Need help with your reservation, call us on 05 55 69 15 66

Françoise and Jules

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13 Mar 24

Breakfast, a unique moment at Ranch des Lacs

Every morning, at a time convenient to guests, a gourmet breakfast is served.

Breakfast is a key moment of the day. An essential break from Françoise and Jules. Served outside in fine weather if the customer wishes.

At the Ranch des Lacs , breakfast is cheerful and friendly. It can be shared! You will find sweet and savory flavors, with plenty of room for seasonal fruits. Homemade preparations , surprise, please , adapt !

This is what Françoise tries to do every morning for her clients.

The gourmet breakfast at Ranch des Lacs is on the French breakfast route

The breakfast at Ranch des Lacs was rewarded in 2017 during the National Gourmet Breakfast Trophy in Paris organized by Tables et Auberges de France.

He finished 2nd between two Palaces, the 1st Le Collectionneur and the 3rd Le Plaza Athénée.

The gourmet breakfast at the Ranch des Lacs is served to guests outside the hotel, always upon reservation.

It can be ordered to take away.

Brunches are offered throughout the year on specific dates.

Find the information on our Gourmet Breakfast page

We look forward to welcoming you for this sweet moment of the day, see you soon!

Françoise and Jules

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28 Feb 24

Happy Grandma’s Day

Sunday March 3, 2024, we celebrate Grandmas, Grandmothers, Good Mother...

Around a menu full of sweets, tasty with local products cooked at home.

Menu at €45

for children under 10 years old, this children's portion menu is €25

Only by reservation tel 05 55 69 15 66

We accept reservations until Saturday March 2, 2 p.m.

Pleased to welcome you,

Françoise and Jules

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Lieu de Vie au cœur du Limousin - Le Ranch des Lacs

Lieu de Vie au cœur du Limousin - Le Ranch des Lacs

13 Feb 24

A place of LIFE, in the heart of Limousin! The Lakes Ranch

Give MEANING, love LIFE!

this is what we share with you in our living space ""Le Ranch des Lacs""

take time !

Below, we share the words of Guy Gilbert, priest-loubard-writer:

"Our world is crazy. Everything is going too fast...

Not just transport or new technologies... We don't even eat anymore, we eat in "fast food"... We don't talk anymore, we chatter constantly... One piece of information-commodity chases away the previous one... We don't look, we skip... We don't live, we survive...

It is urgent to take the time to slow down...

Refuse to rush, keep time for yourself... You will learn that the world is magnificent if you know how to contemplate it; that nature brings joy if we respect it and collaborate with it; that humans are fascinating, that they deserve our attention, within the family, at work, in the circle of our friends...

And you will also learn to listen to yourself, to value yourself, to love yourself...

So, be kind to yourself, and taste the beauty of the world !

Guy Gilbert

Find out everything about our place of LIFE, our personalized stays

Françoise and Jules

See you soon !

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Saint Valentin Le Ranch des Lacs

Saint Valentin Le Ranch des Lacs

03 Feb 24

Valentine's Day - Let's Celebrate Love - Complicity for two.

You just need to get together,

escape all the tensions of daily life,

just being the two of you...

Valentine's Day is when you want and how you want!

Our suggestions for your happy getaway!

If you need any information, call Françoise or Jules, they will be happy to advise you.

tel: 05 55 69 15 66

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Février au Ranch des Lacs

Février au Ranch des Lacs

01 Feb 24

Hello February 2024

February 2024

Permanent entertainment;

-Always and more than ever offer local products at the table morning, noon and evening, and be the showcase of our local farmers . "" From farm to fork.""

February calendar:

- February 2, Candlemas pancakes with eggs from Nina de Domps 87120 and raw milk from Ferme de Lily

- On Shrove Tuesday, February 13, a good pot au feu with 3 Limousin meats, from our artisan butcher Hugues Burgalières

- Valentine's Day with our stay proposals and gift cards

- School holidaysand if you come to recharge your batteries in Limousin , to immerse yourself in an authentic moment of life. See our availability in real time .

Need information tel 05 55 69 15 66 Françoise and Jules will be happy to answer you

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repas de Fête à emporter - Le Ranch des Lacs

repas de Fête à emporter - Le Ranch des Lacs

09 Dec 23

Our gourmet dishes to take away for the holidays

The holidays are about getting together around a table and sharing delicious, tasty, generous dishes that are easy to prepare. Don't worry! Take advantage of each other.

We thought of you. For your comforting cocooning festive moments.

Our specialties to take away! Our essentials for your pleasure !

A selection of wines and dishes using local products, home-cooked, are available to you via click&collect.

Find our Click&Collect button on the home page of our site, browse and order!

Happy Holidays everyone, take care of yourself!

Françoise and Jules

Click&Collect https://tinyurl.com/y7ahwnbk

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Black Friday Gourmand 24 novembre 2023

Black Friday Gourmand 24 novembre 2023

10 Nov 23

Black Friday Gift Card Gourmet Pleasure

It's coming ! It's tomorrow November 24, 2023.

Gift card with this visual, visible only on November 24, 2023 for 24 hours

- 50% , To treat yourself or to offer for Black Friday

A fun gift card for Black Friday , on sale on November 24, 2023 for 24 hours online at https://www.le-ranch-des-lacs.fr/gifts.html

A gourmet moment to share

The end-of-year meals for companies, partners, colleagues, friends and family are fast approaching, they can be purchased in large numbers.

Christmas is almost here, a tree to decorate!

An unmissable experience of our house Le Ranch des Lacs

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recette de tarte aux pommes renversée  Le Ranch des Lacs

recette de tarte aux pommes renversée Le Ranch des Lacs

05 Oct 23

Upside down apple pie or Upside down cake recipe Le Ranch des Lacs

The recipe for our upside-down apple pie - 8 portions

Delicious seasonal dessert that pleases young and old alike.

a 30 cm tart mold;

Turn your oven on to 200°

Ingredients :

4 beautiful Gala apples, peeled, cored and cut into quarters then into strips.

3 large eggs, separate the yolks from the whites by putting them in the mixing bowls

60 g of organic cane sugar

2 sachets of vanilla sugar

95 gr of sifted T55 flour

95 gr of cornstarch or potato starch

1/2 sachet of baking powder

15 cl of liquid cream

70g semi-salted farm butter in ointment

3 heaped tablespoons of brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder (optional)


put the butter in the pie mold, distribute it well throughout, add the sliced apples and the brown sugar, put in the oven for 20' this can be done in advance 1 hour before the rest, mix well when taken out of the oven

to the egg yolks, add the cane sugar and the vanilla sugar and beat well = whiten the yolks

Add the flour, cornstarch, baking powder, cinnamon, mix; avoid lumps.

Add the fluid cream, this will relax the dough

Beat the whites until stiff. If you have an egg white waiting in your fridge, add it to the 3 other whites it will only be better.

Gently incorporate the beaten egg whites into your dough with the spatula,

spread the dough over the still slightly warm apples; Baked at 180° for 20', check cooking with the tip of a knife.

Remove from the oven, invert (invert) the tart onto another dish. Eat this warm alone or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or custard.

Enjoy your food !

Please share, make, take a photo of your upside-down apple pie and send it to us in the comments. THANKS !

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Octobre rose au Ranch des Lacs

Octobre rose au Ranch des Lacs

01 Oct 23

Durant tout le mois d'octobre rose une bouteille d'eau de dégustation Nordaq 75 cl plate ou pétillante sera offerte à chaque table.

#Nordaq #octobrerose #eaudedegustation #leranchdeslacs #uneautreviesinventeici

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C'est la rentrée au Ranch des Lacs !

C'est la rentrée au Ranch des Lacs !

01 Sep 23

At Ranch des Lacs, it's back to school, our new products!

September, autumn, it's back to school at Ranch des Lacs

For your ease and security , we have set up on our official website www.le-ranch-des-lacs.fr

- highly secure payment with the latest security standards in force

- the possibility of paying in 3 installments without fees. With KLARNA

- cancellation/interruption of stay insurance with Covid extension SAFEBOOKING French insurance based in Bourges.

Why offer trip cancellation insurance to customers?

  • Security when booking on our official website , not valid on booking, expedia, airb&b,
  • Our client is covered until their departure from the hotel thanks to our cancellation/interruption of stay offer with Covid extension
  • Simplification of claims reporting (website, mobile app)
  • A customer reimbursed within a maximum of 72 hours after sending their supporting documents

and to satisfy all your desires for new special offers, promotions and standard offers

See you soon,

Françoise and Jules LAHAYE Innkeepers in the heart of Limousin at your service since 1995.

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Ouvertures du Ranch des Lacs en 2024

Ouvertures du Ranch des Lacs en 2024

10 Jan 24

Opening 2024 of the Ranch des Lacs

The openings of the Ranch des Lacs at Françoise and Jules

Our availability is the energy that we (Françoise and Jules) have to receive you as best as possible. The years go by, we have been at your service since 1995.

We ask that you make your reservations at least 48 hours in advance (if possible).

Hotel - Restaurant - Cellar open 7 days a week

minimum 2 nights https://www.le-ranch-des-lacs.fr/reservation-en-ligne.html

or by tel if you wish to personalize your stay tel: +33 5 55 69 15 66

Hotel guests can dine 7 days a week. *

Also discover our special offers https://www.le-ranch-des-lacs.fr/offres-speciales.html

Restaurant* cuisine with local products, home cooking, personalized cuisine.

Nights :Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. 7-8:30 p.m.

Lunch: Sunday, 12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Group meals contact us.

*Choose on our site what you would like to eat , the link https://www.le-ranch-des-lacs.fr/presentation/menu-et-carte-du-moment.html and communicate your choices to us.

We accept reservations


See you soon, looking forward to welcoming you (at a pace adapted to our ages)

Françoise and Jules

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