Sustainable tourism - commitments

Tourisme Durable au Ranch des Lacs

Tourisme Durable au Ranch des Lacs

What do we do, our commitments, our actions for Sustainable Tourism. at the Ranch des Lacs

Giving MEANING to what we do has been our choice since 1995

Sustainable food

  • Short circuits, we work with local producers, local artisans, local markets. We favor made in France. and tell our customers the story of the chosen short circuits. We try to favor local organic products.
  • At the restaurant, customers can take away what they have not been able to finish eating in suitable packaging. Vegetarian menu offered.
  • Wine cellar: a large number of wines offered in the Ranch des Lacs cellar come from organic and biodynamic viticulture, our wines are offered at the wine merchant price, a fair price. A customer doesn't finish his bottle, he takes it away.
  • Waste, Order your meals when booking we ask customers who book at Ranch des Lacs to choose when booking what they would like to eat and via our 06 81 48 15 53 we send them the link to our menu and current menu
  • Home cooking made for you. as you order 48 hours in advance, good management of producers' products generates no or very little loss.
  • Food waste management our food waste, peelings and others, go to the composter or for a neighbor's chickens.
  • Our takeaway meals use recyclable or even reusable packaging as much as possible

the water

  • Water at the table ,NORDAQ tasting water is offered at the table immediately fresh, still or sparkling, water filtered on site at 0.3 microns with maintenance of the installation by NORDAQ, this filtered water also supplies the coffee machine and ice maker. As a result, no more plastic bottles or glasses. This water is also offered in the room on the welcome tray.
  • Sanitary facilities in our hotel rooms,
  • our toilets are all equipped with water-saving flushing
  • Our Italian showers are equipped with a GJIOSA shower head
  • Our garden, selected ornamental plants that require little water and watering during authorized hours, water collector.
  • In the kitchen , raising awareness of the right actions to be water efficient, for example: water from washing vegetables recovered for watering.


Our welcome products in the pump dispensers (shower gel-shampoo) are eco-labeled, towels are replaced on request

For the maintenance of premises, the products are eco-labeled or environmentally friendly as much as possible.


  • sorting, a sorting space is offered to customers, easily accessible.
  • The waste is sorted and taken to the recycling center step by step, glasses, boxes.
  • Compost for kitchen waste.


Double glazing throughout the house.

Electricity from LED bulbs with some with motion detectors, washing devices chosen if possible A+++

Freezers defrosted regularly. An installation checked every year.

A Linky electric meter with TEMPO System, correct use following the colors blue, white and red.


propane gas, with VITOGAZ central heating of the hotel and hot production, each radiator is equipped with a thermostatic valve.

latest generation pellet stoves, restaurant room and reception.

Comfort ++ for a cocooning moment

In the restaurant, a blanket is offered on each chair

In the room, hot water bottle, fleece blanket, courtesy tray of coffee, tea, herbal tea, NORDAQ water

sustainable and committed economy

It is the CAT of Eymoutiers (work assistance center) which manages

the maintenance of our hotel linen

our green spaces and green waste management.

Short circuits of local producers and artisans, helping to bring our beautiful region to life.

and it's not over, we continue to do it together

  • the recognitions
  • - marked Values Regional Natural Park of Millevaches
  • - Tables and Inns of France - 2 green hats
  • - Charm and Character Cozy Places: Emotion, Human, Ethics: our values.
  • - Booking Level 2 Sustainable Travel
  • - Master restorer
  • - Hiking, roaming with Appaat Millevaches
  • another life is being invented here!
  • - Fishing accommodation; hiking accommodation87
  • - Our customers share their experiences

See you soon,

Jules and Françoise have been welcoming you since 1995.