Gourmet Breakfast / Brunch

The Gourmet Breakfast has always been a very special moment at the Ranch des Lacs .

A must, customers come for him. price: 15 € pers. child - 10 years €10 pers.

A moment of pleasure or how to start a day well.

National Day of Gourmet Breakfast on June 09, every year

Françoise Lahaye is Ambassador of the Petits Déjeuners Gourmands de France.
As Ambassador of the Gourmet Breakfast, I invite you to participate in the 2023 Trophy whether you are an individual, a professional, a student in the food trade,... there are several categories.

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The Ranch des Lacs Gourmet Breakfast was 2nd in the 1st National Gourmet Breakfast Trophy in 2017, between the Hôtel Palace**** Le Collectionneur - Paris 8th and Le Plaza Athénée***** by Alain Ducasse - Paris 8th.

Since 2018, a BRUNCH/gourmet breakfast has been served to guests outside the hotel.

Come "BRUNCHER" between 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. by reservation only Tel 05 55 69 15 66

Le Petit Déjeuner Gourmand at the Ranch des Lacs is the showcase of all the know-how of our local producers, it is to defend a responsible local economy, short circuits.

Le Ranch des Lacs Gourmet Breakfast is on the road to gourmet breakfasts in France

In 2018, Françoise Lahaye had the great privilege of participating in the 2nd Gourmet Breakfast Trophy in the Jury alongside Christian Le Squer Chef at the Georges V.

Gourmet Breakfast Trophy 2023 sponsored by Stéphane LAYANI (President of Rungis International and Chaired by Olivier BELLIN Chef** Auberge des Glazicks in Plomodiern) on November 29, 2023 at EPMT Paris

June 2023 - June 09, 2023 national breakfast day - event! with the SDIS87

Limousin new horizons - Terres de Limousin - Haute-Vienne tourism Where to brunch https://bit.ly/3t5wqO0 NEW

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