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To enjoy a complete taste experience in an exceptional and confidential setting, RESERVE at least 48 hours in advance and choose when booking what you want to eat from starter to dessert. Updated 04-18-2024.
tel: 05 55 69 15 66 or 06 81 48 15 53 *

Our filling gauge is the energy that Françoise and Jules have to welcome you as best as possible. Contact us for your tailor-made events - privatization, live a unique and authentic experience at the Ranch des Lacs Lieu de Vie, panoramic view in a green setting.

In order to organize you as best as possible, here is some important information on our availability: we are open on May 1 at noon, we are full on April 19-20, April 28, the Ascension long weekend 8,9,10,11, May 12, May 24-25, June 12-17 and June 21-30. July 6 - 7, Thank you to all these "tribe" stays and meals for meeting at the Ranch des Lacs to experience a break.

Chef's Menucurrently at €54, it may change depending on the market, simple and delicious home cooking... Taste of simplicity and naturalness.

  • Appetizers
  • Starter: Shelled and gutted wild prawns with Chef's sauce,
  • Dish: Beef steak in fillet (+/- 250 gr) - Limousin cattle breed, and market garnish.
  • Cheeses: trio of cheeses from the Limousin region (€5 supplement)
  • Dessert: Limousin Brut Cider Sabayon with fresh seasonal fruit

Children's menu - 10 years old. €18
- Limousin minced steak, potatoes, raw vegetables.
- Fruit salad for dessert

Vegetarian menu* €35carte blanche to seasonal and French fruits and vegetables , no ultra-processed agri-food products. Taste of simplicity and naturalness. With French seasonal vegetables and if possible Limousin. Reconnecting with the essentials.

  • Plant entry
  • Plant-based dishes
  • Vegetable desserts

*may contain eggs, dairy products, dried fruits, gluten, garlic, etc.

Our essential FONDUE PELAUDE 29€/pers.️ SERVED on site at will! Served every day and imposed on Tuesday evening.
Minimum for 2 people.
La Fondue Pelaude, kesako? adult €29 A complete taste experience.
La Fondue Pelaude is a homemade creation. A signature dish. This is the principle of Fondue Bourguignonne, a fondue of red meat from the Limousin breed, our artisan/butcher is Hugues Burgalières. This fondue of red meat is not in oil but the meat is cooked in a preparation by Chef Jules at base of 33 spices and small vegetables. 200 grams of meat per person to start and as much as you want! are accompanied by 5 raw vegetables, 4 sauces and a potato gratin. In 29 years with this Fondue Pelaude, we have had weddings, baptisms, reunions, birthday meals, in short all the beautiful occasions in life. We hope to have answered your question, to discover if you don't know! One of the 33 spices is "REVIENSY" Children's Fondue - 10 years old accompanied by an adult Fondue €19

Fondue menu ideal for group/family meals, tribe, €37 per person.  


Fondue Pelaude or Fondue O'Céane (please specify)

Homemade dessert/suggestion of the day

for group homemade cake to share.

For fish lovers, we have the Fondue O'céane , the same as the Fondue Pelaude but with monkfish (cheeks) and it is not unlimited. €30 per person, minimum for 2 people, must be reserved, we only work with Atlantic monkfish.
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Menu of House specialty meats,
Our butcher for 29 years Hugues Burgalières

Pelaud tartare , carefully selected Limousin beef, cut with a knife at the minute +/- 300 gr, served with different ingredients that you can mix if you wish, accompanied by a green salad and its walnut mustard vinaigrette and wine vinegar, €28

Square of Limousin beef , in this piece of beef we cut:
Rib on the bone XXXL whole piece Great maturation min. 9 weeks. Limousin breed beef. For 1.2 or 3 people, sold by weight per whole piece +/- 1.5 kg, single cooking. Served with salad and potato gratin Kg: €98 to reserve in advance
XXXL entrecôte, whole piece Large maturation min. 9 weeks. Limousin breed beef. For 1 to 2 people, sold by weight per whole piece +/- 1 kg, single cooking. Served with salad and potato gratin. Kg: €98 to be reserved in advance,

Coutancie beef, exceptional meat, lightly matured 6 to 9 weeks, price of +/- 1.5 kg at €140 per kg, sold by entire rib, must be reserved 1 week in advance.

"From experience over 29 years we anticipate +/- 450 to 500 gr per person. For cooking at noon the meat is taken out of the cold room around 9 a.m.; and for cooking around 8 p.m. it is taken out of the cold room around 5 p.m. This is why it is imperative to order in advance If you do not eat everything, a package is available to take away.

New ! Cuisine to share, the casserole at the table! Angel poultry in casserole, whole free-range poultry to share with 5 or 6 people. Poultry simmered with morels and vin jaune. Price ex: a free-range chicken of +/- 2kg €78
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On the menu:
Some current entries

  • Salad of varied vegetables and dried fruits €10
  • Bread toast from Nicolas R. ""Les Fayes"" Limousin white cheese, fine herbs, raw vegetables. €9
  • Asparagus our way 18 €
  • Prawns peeled with garlic and parsley €19
  • Warm Fantouillet goat's cheese salad, raisins and nuts €13
  • Duck neck stuffed with foie gras from Ferme de Beauregard on salad, marinated onions €12
  • Foie gras from Ferme de Beauregard roasted Chef's style €20
  • Pork Terrine Cul Noir Limousin salad €14

  • Some dishes of the moment
  • Plate of carefully cooked seasonal vegetables €18
  • NEW! Le Gratin Pelaud very hot dish of potato gratin, ground beef, cream, cheese €17
  • Trout or char from the Pisciculture de Bugeat (+/- 300 gr) depending on arrival, with grilled almonds and farm butter from Ferme du Mazet, vegetables €19
  • Piece (+/-300 gr) of Cochon Cul Noir from Limousin, grilled and vegetables 27€ Ferme Chez Dufour de La Meyze
  • Leg of lamb ""le Belou"" +/- 300 gr €22 served with a garnish of the moment
  • Duck breast from Ferme de Beauregard and a garnish of the moment €20
  • Limousin beef steak, +/-250 gr cooked with farm butter from Ferme du Mazet and its garnish of the moment €36 (+€3 for porcini mushrooms from Pays de Vassivière)

Our desserts of the moment to order when booking as well.

  • Plate of 6 mature cheeses from our local producers, salad €15
  • Cottage cheese with seasonal fruits, caramelized apple, salted butter, speculoos €9
  • Crêpes Suzette €12
  • Reunion Vanilla Crème Brûlée €9
  • Valrhona chocolate mousse +/-100 gr €10
  • Fresh seasonal fruit bowl €10
  • Montgibaud strawberry pavlova
  • Limousin Brut Cider Sabayon with seasonal fruits €14
  • Homemade ice creams from our ice cream maker €3.80 per scoop
  • Individual or flognarde clafoutis with fruits of the moment €10

*The prices given in this document are indicative only, they may be modified following arrival of the products offered.

Our NORDAQ tasting water , a gesture for the planet, still or sparkling fresh at the moment €3 for 75 cl and €2 for 50 cl